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Suppliers of Samahan Ayurvedic Tea from Sri Lanka

Welcome to our new London Office

Delivering Samahan-Tea from London to Great Britain


 The famous herbal tea from
Link Natural Products in Sri-Lanka

We ship Samahan-Tea directly from our warehouse in London. 
Fast and secure delivery by Royal Mail

We are the only web-shop in the UK carrying ample stock for direct shipping. 

Shipping within UK  £ 3.75 (First Class) 

Flagge von Irland

Shipping To Ireland  £ 8.00

How to use 


To prevent falling ill:

Drink one to two cups of Samahan tea daily. It is a soluble product that dissolves in hot water. Alternatively, dissolve in hot milk or coffee.

When feeling ill:

Three to five cups a day.

Kids (under 15) half the amount.

Samahan Tea is warming and is spicy to the taste.

Ingredients and health effects

Where Samahan can help ?

The recipe for Samahan Tea has been known for centuries in Sri-Lanka.

Samahan Tea strengthens your immune system and can bring fast relief especially from cold and catarrh related symptoms.
Samahan is a 100% natural product made from 14 herbs. 

There are no known side-effects

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